ACL rehabilitation and Patellafemoral Ligament Reconstructions

  • Prehabilitation -build wasted muscles, regain range of motion preoperative
  • Recovery from surgery (range of movement / swelling etc)
  • Strength and neuromuscular control (balance)
  • Power training - 
  • Running, agility and landings (juming, change of direction)
  • Sport specific drills 
  • Return to sport testing 

Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis 

  • Appropriate strengthening programmes to prolong your knee and hip
  • Taking appropriate outcome measures - to assess progress
  • Running Good Life Arthritis: Denmark (GLAD) classes
  • Assisting with shared decision making process for when surgery (replacement, osteotomy) maybe appropriate (referral to coleagues)
  • Assisting with shared decision making process when injectables e.g. PRP, Stem cell therapy , Synvisc  (referral to colleagues) 

Tendinopathy / Tendinitis

Appropriate loading has been shown to be the most beneficial treatment for tendons. Whether it is static or dynamic and in what position is crucial to avoid tendon compression andtherefore pain. This is usually combined with adjunct therapies like shockwave, dry needling and potentially injection therapies


Headaches- cervicogenic / upper cervical spine dysfuntion

The upper part of the cervical (neck) spine is often the generator of headaches termed "cervicogenic". This is a complex area with different joints causing different movements of the neck. A through assessment of these is required to see if this is the potential area of dysfunction.